New stuff

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long time between news blasts. I swear I'm going to be better about keeping this site up to date from now on!

As many of you know, I've moved to New England and I love it. It's been a real adventure dealing with new digs, new neighbors and new gigs! Everyone here in the beautiful hills of Western Massachusetts has been very kinds and welcoming. So grateful. They cock their heads to the side when they hear my southern accent, but it's all good.

This Spring I've been involved in an interesting new project called Humanity's Child - it's a musical written by local professor in philosophy and music - John Tierney. His passion is infectious! I play a "cousin" in the musical and so far, we've done some recording so that he can apply for grants to get it produced. I am definitely the oldest member in this cast and these kids are seriously talented! Singing in a "musical Broadway style" was a new thing for me and extremely challenging! We recorded these vocals the day after the shooting in south Florida. These songs seemed strangely (and awesomely) timely. If you're curious, here's the demo we made of one of songs called Speaking Up. I have no idea where this project is going, but it's been really fun to be a part of it so far. :)