1. Fly

From the recording Fly

An ode to my 1989 Nissan Sentra whom I gave away at 238,000 miles and is still running today...


By Louise Mosrie © 2009 Zoe Cat Music (BMI)
My car is small but solid
She doesn’t need much gas.
Compact and nimble- like to keep it simple
Plenty of miles left and going fast
No bells or whistles
No European design
Just a damn good engine
And a smile, yeah.
            So many roads
            So many ways to go
            I’ll follow one and leave the rest behind
            Open the windows
            I’ll push the pedal down (crank up that radio darlin’)
            And watch me fly
Nothing better than a long road trip
Down some old backroads to ease my busy mind.
Past rows of sea pines and city skylines.
Friendly people wave as I go by.
Just give me a good map,
A country highway
And you, my love, please say you’re
Going my way.
Sometimes I look back in the rear-view mirror
Thinking about yesterday
But I got to know what’s up around the bend
Keeps me moving on and
I wouldn’t go back anyway…anyway.