1. Home

From the recording Home


Five o’clock
Cars for miles
Racing lights
Nobody smiles
A driver honks behind me.
I see his tired eyes and let him go
Cause everybody’s just tryin’ to get home.

Home - Maybe his wife has dinner ready
Home - Mashed potatoes and brown gravy
Put a little dirt and concrete under his feet
To call his own
And the world falls off his shoulders like a heavy coat
And he’s home

In the check-out line
Behind an old man
Cart full of cat food - twenty cans
A pack of cigarettes and he’s
Humming a song I don’t know
He winks and says “I got hungry mouths at home”.

Home - I see him in his chair reading the paper
Home - Cat on his lap like a guardian angel
Faded photos line the wall taken all
Of 60 years ago
Surrounded by familiar friendly ghosts
And he’s home

The streets silent and dark
Like the end of some sad song
But as I turn the corner
Like a northern star
The lights are on. The lights are on.

Home - In the sun filled rooms of your laughter
Home - Your heart’s my furnace in the winter
Your arms around me, grounding me
The sweetest four walls I’ve ever known
Cause wherever you are that’s where I’ll go
And I’m home.
Yeah, wherever you are, that’s where I’ll go