So close!

We're so close on the new CD campaign and I'm happy to say that this is the last email I'll send out about it. :) We have 42 hours to go and we're $970 from the goal of $10K. I'm excited and so grateful for everyone's support and enthusiasm about the project! 


Here's the link to the campaign if you'd like to donate or share on Facebook, Twitter, et al.... 

I hope to have the CD ready in time for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in early August and then I'll come home and start getting all the perks (handmade tiles, coffee mugs and handwritten lyrics) together to send out to everyone with their own signed copies of the new album. So, if you're coming to Falcon Ridge in Hillsdale, NY, you can get your copy a little early. 

Many thanks and hope you're having a great summer !

xo, Louise