New CD in the works!!!

Well, I'm excited to say that I'm knee deep into tracking for my new CD! I'm recording at Sonic Sculpture Studios just outside Nashville. At the helm with engineering and co-producing is Jon Young. So far I'm recording 14 new songs - several of them co-written and several just written by me. I don't know if they will all make the final cut, but so far, I think they all sound great! I am spoiled for choice in Nashville with so many incredibly gifted musicians. I am honored to have Byron House, Scott Neubert, Butch Simmons, Kent Burnside, Rolin Mains, Tom Ball and several others adding their own magic to each song. Can't wait for you all to hear it, but I can't give a specific street date just yet. Once we finish mixing, I'll have a better idea of when it will be "out". The working title is "Backroads" - the song that Mike Richardson and I wrote about missing the country and the simplicity of life "back-when". So many of the songs reflect the memories I have of growing up in McEwen, TN on the farm. Even the photos that will be on the CD were taken back there. The music is a bit more country/bluegrass than my last two CDs, but it feels like a full circle for me personally. It seems like I spent my youth waiting to escape the country and the loneliness of it and start my life in the city where it seemed so much more exciting. But I've come to appreciate where I came from and enjoy the simple pleasures of a more rural life. Right now, we live in the suburbs, but I have a feeling I'll be working my way back to having a little land and maybe a horse or two someday. So, long story short (too late!), I feel very close to this CD in a lot of ways and I sincerely hope you all enjoy hearing it as much as I'm enjoying making it. cheers and love, Louise