Vocal Tips!

Hey guys,

I had THE best time teaching this spring at the Folk Project Summer Getaway weekend. One of the classes I taught was vocal techniques and tips. I thought I'd post my notes here in case any of you…


First Concert Window!!!! Listen Live Online

I'm playing my first Concert Window show this weekend!!!!

As some of you know, I had TWO shows cancelled this month due to Nor'easter storms up here. Bummer! (But seriously a blow to my budget too!)

So, I thought -…


New stuff

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long time between news blasts. I swear I'm going to be better about keeping this site up to date from now on!

As many of you know, I've moved to New England and I love…


Lay It Down

The new CD is here! Yay!

First review! (Thanks Arthur!)


Radio...and release...Oct. 1st!

Hey everyone!

So excited to tell you that the new CD, Lay It Down, will be up for sale worldwide on October 1st on, (download) and soon....iTunes. 

And of course, the CDs are available (and I can sign…


So close!

We're so close on the new CD campaign and I'm happy to say that this is the last email I'll send out about it. :) We have 42 hours to go and we're $970 from the goal of $10K. I'm …

The New CD is called "Lay It Down"!

Hey y'all,

The new CD is SO close now! I've finished the audio part of it with so much help from producer/arranger Cliff Eberhardt and engineer Chris Latham - those two guys were absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I'm…


New CD

Working on a new CD this summer! 

Very excited to be recording some new songs with fantastic songwriter/producer Cliff Eberhardt~ More news to come! Thanks to all of you for all the beautiful support I've received since the release of…



I can't say that 2012 has been uneventful so far....I've had lots of great shows! ...beginning with a wonderful tour of South FL that culminated in the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach in January, killer shows in NC…


Summer 2011


OK folks! For all of you who are trying right now to vote for me to sing the National Anthem for the Predators, the voting is over now. Sorry - I missed that information in all the excitement and mayhem…