Someone asked me about writer's block....

Here's what I wrote back:

For me, the key to writing is multi part:
1. Be open to the inspiration and aware. This is going to sound kooky...though that may actually help my reputation...ask OUT LOUD for a song God or Allah or whomever Universal Muse you want.
2. Go for walks alone. Be present. Let your mind wander. Go about your day. Turn off noise (radio, phone). Listen.
3. Write down anything that feels inspired - a phrase - something from last night's dream - a line in a movie or TV show. Start a list of ideas on a notebook or memo on your phone.
4. Set up solo writing appointments with yourself. Now, open up your list of ideas and MAKE YOURSELF WRITE SOMETHING. Go through the list and pick one that resonates. Creative cycles go in 90 minute stints optimally, so write write write for 90 minutes and see if there's a song in that idea. No interruptions. No phone. No coffee dates. You'll know if you're onto something and if so, you won't want to stop anyway.
5. Drink lots of coffee. Read the book "How Artists Work". Artists throughout time have arranged their lives to fit their creative cycles. Find yours. Two common threads: coffee and long walks.
Now, get to work.

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