Oh yeah...blogging...

I know...I know...I'm an artist so I'm supposed to blog, right?! I'm supposed to tell you all whatever I'm thinking on a particular day and be all pithy, funny and such. Well, I've been falling down on the job! So, I'm attempting to commit myself to more regular blogging....

The most interesting thing happening at the moment is that I'm being considered to sing the national anthem for the Nashville Predators - our NHL team. My dear friend, Gene, who is a rabid Preds fan emailed me and harangued me about submitting an audition tape to them. So I did. They were only taking the first 50 entries and I figure that in a town full of singers, I had no chance...not that I'm not a singer...I just mean that there are SO many incredible singers here in Nashville. Well, I don't know what the hell happened...the stars lined up right or something...because I got a call yesterday from the Preds saying that I am in the top 3! BUT now I have to ask all my fans to vote for me so I can sing. SO, I went onto Facebook first and sent out the call to my friends and fans and OMG, they shared the link; they voted over and over and they're all so excited for me! I was floored! I knew my friends on FB were awesome, but I didn't know how awesome. I have been so touched by the outpouring of support for this! Anyhoo, if you want to vote, go to: http://www.nhl.com/ptth/TeamPollPopPage.htm?pid=18532&skinId=1

UPDATE: DON'T VOTE: OK folks! For all of you who are trying right now to vote for me to sing the National Anthem for the Predators, the voting is over now. Sorry - I missed that information in all the excitement and mayhem of calling out the troops. I will let you know the decision of the refs as soon as I know! Many thanks to all who voted !!!!

Meh, not exactly pithy or funny, but it's the truth.

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