FARM - stands for Folk Alliance Regional Midwest - held in Bolingbrook, IL this past weekend, it was 3 days of hob-nobbing, pickin' and singing with 200 other folk artists from around the country. The earliest I made it to bed every night was 2am. I know I saw 3 am on the last night of the conference. Exhausting, but so fun! Got to hang out and listen to my talented pals and songwriters: RJ Cowdery, The Twangtown Paramours, Jamie Michaels, Bill & Kate Isles, Jan Seides, Sally Spring, Adler & Hearne, Sarah McQuaid, Jayne Toohey, Sigrid Christiansen, Kira Small, the YaYa's, Ben Hassenger, Joe Jencks, Andy Cohen, John Batdorf, Derek Daniel and that's just a smattering. 

One of the highlights was a songwriting workshop with the legendary folk songwriter, Michael Smith. He's got me fired up to write some new songs!

I love my Folk Alliance friends. They are my tribe and extended family! <Group hug>

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  • Vina
    God, I feel like I shuold be takin notes! Great work

    God, I feel like I shuold be takin notes! Great work

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