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Louise Mosrie: News

Lovin' - March 22, 2006

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd pass along that my song "Complicated" from Separated Like Stars is the "Song of the Day" and "Best Feel Good Track" in Americana on! "Rockslide" is the song of the day on Saturday! This week I was also voted "Best Female Vocalist" in both Americana and Country...who knew?

These reviews are done by other musicians who put their music on the site as well so i'm being judged by my peers...which is very cool.

Go to to check it out!



Fun show at the Bird! - March 13, 2006

Last Friday night, I hosted a round at the Bluebird here in Nashville. What a blast we had! My friend Kristen Hart drove up from Orlando...she plays a delicious blend of jazz and folk. Karen Reynolds drove over from Knoxville...pop/country from the heart. And grassy girl, Donna Ulisse, joined us to make the round...great songwriter and one of my co-writers. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at our sold-out show!


My day job... - February 15, 2006

I, like many musicians, have a "day job" but unlike many musicians, I get to drink wine on the job. This is a good thing. I work part time at Midtown Wine and Spirits on Church St. here in Nashville. I get to taste all kinds of great wines and a few bad ones as part of my "education". My wine of the week? Hess Collection Mountain Cuvee 2002. It's a merlot, cabernet blend that is smooth, plummy with a soft chocolate finish. It's what I like to call yummy. Yes, that's the technical term.

Come and see me at the store (always on Mondays) and I'll set you up with a good bottle.


New website! - January 5, 2006

If you're reading this, then I have completed publishing my new website I decided to revamp it because I want to keep it updated better this year and now I can.

Please feel free to let me know what you think about it and any (sweet) suggestions would be welcome.

Tasted any great bargain wines lately? Let me know that too. Any great recipes you've tried? I want to know!

So stay in touch and check back often!!!

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