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Texas Rocks

Hey y'all, Just got back yesterday from a fantastic tour in Texas. I got to play several sweet house concerts with some of my Kerrville peeps (Tom Neilson, Rebecca Loebe and Ernst Troost). I had a little "writer retreat" at Roddy Tree Ranch for a couple of days in between shows and a great concert inside the pavilion there. Love that place! So peaceful and quiet - surrounded by nature. Thank you Keith! Sycamore Creek House Concerts - thanks to Thomas and Gail Chapmond, it may go down in my personal history as one of the best gigs ever. Such a kind and generous audience, I couldn't ask for a better crowd. Thomas and Gail cook a mean Sunday breakfast too - many hugs to them. Paul Barker at Barker House Concerts hosts one of the best in Austin - such a great guy and his shows are always a joy to play plus his regular crowd brings some fine vittles too! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I headed over to Fischer, TX for the Rice Festival. The Kerrville round kicked off the festivities on Friday night and it just went up from there. The festival only sells 300-400 tickets and they're usually gone by March - for good reason. It's a unusual gorgeous barn set in the hill country and with performers like Kevin Welch, Jack Williams, the Austin Lounge Lizards and Tom Russell, you're bound to leave with a bag full of new CDs and belly full of tacos and good music. Many thanks to the sweet guys who stage this event - Jeff Gavin, West Warren and Dixie Watkins of Cabin 10 productions - who hold this annual festival in honor of their late best friend, Rice Harrington. Do yourself a favor and go (if you can get a ticket). I'm back home now and catching up on my sleep but so thankful for a tremendous trip and looking forward to going back in March for SXSW! bear hugs all round, Louise