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Radio baby!

Hey y'all, It's been an excellent start to the new year. I hired Kari Estrin - radio promoter/consultant and all-round knowledgeable bad-ass music guru to promote my new CD, Home. Well, the results were spectacular and the song "Home" and CD "Home" both went to the #1 spot in January on the Folk DJ charts (! Wow. In February, even with the influx of tons of new CDs out there, I stayed in the top 10 at #6 happily sittin' between Patty Griffin and Ellis Paul. Yeah, that's ok with me! There are 4 songs from the CD still in the top 25 as well! I am VERY grateful and appreciative of all the Folk DJs who supported the album by playing it! Cheers to all of you and of course, to Kari Estrin as well who worked very hard to get this no-name "Louise who??" to the top radio spot in the folk world! If you're a DJ out there who would like a promo copy of the CD to play on-air, please email me and let me know who you are and your station. In February I also attended the International Folk Alliance conference for the first time in Memphis. I had a blast! I think the earliest I went to bed was 2am one night. I shared a room with Carrie Catherine and Allison Lickley - both from Canada - so I helped to wake them up in the mornings by singing the Star Spangled Banner at 7am each day. I know they appreciated my patriotism though I'm still trying to get the sharpy pen ink out of my eyebrows. No, I'm not angry! It's the pen! I really enjoyed all the panels and discussions and of course the amazing shows all over the hotel. Kari Estrin took me around the radio DJ luncheon and introduced me to tons of DJs and that was one of the highlights for sure. I got to hook it up and let it drag with my pal Kim Richardson - we played in the Memphis House Concerts room one night and sang on each other's songs. So much fun. Enjoyed showcases by talented pals David Llewellyn, Jeff Talmadge, Geoffrey Himes, Bill and Kate Isles, Jack Williams, Lynne Hanson, Hans York, Larry Murante, RJ Cowdery, Shannon Wurtz and tons of others. Can't wait to go back next year! Folk Alliance is an amazing community of really kind and generous folks. Onward and upward!