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Vocal Tips!

Hey guys,

I had THE best time teaching this spring at the Folk Project Summer Getaway weekend. One of the classes I taught was vocal techniques and tips. I thought I'd post my notes here in case any of you singers out there could use what I've learned over the years! And if you're interested in private lessons, let's talk!

Vocal Techniques and Tips

By Louise Mosrie

  1. Authenticity – literally the #1 thing to be concerned with while singing. Sing with your natural voice…meaning don’t imitate other singers’ styles. There’s lots to learn from other great singers – like Billie Holiday or Frank Sinatra – phrasing, enunciation and tone – but don’t “try” to sing like them unless you’re doing Karaoke.
  2. Warm Up – Gentle, gentle, gentle. Start with humming scales then sing the scales (Do Re Mi…) up and down without pushing. Find a song with some range that you can sing without pushing hard (Amazing Grace). Stretch your face, jaw and neck.
  3. Breathe – Breathe from your belly – filling up with air from the abdomen upwards. Get into your body and out of your head. Put your hand below your navel and sing from there. Try to inhale through your nose in between phrases. Tension is usually the culprit in all singing issues.
  4. Posture – Stand up whenever possible while singing. If not, sit on the edge of the chair or stool and straighten up. Give your lungs room. Chin down. Relax the shoulders.
  5. Placement – Sing into your “mask”. Imagine an oxygen mask over your nose and mouth. Aim the vibrations into that space as much as possible – not singing from your throat or the back of your mouth. Pursing your lips while you sing helps this. Watch Gwen Stefani sing – chin down, lips pursed.
  6. Pitch – Correct “mask” placement will help with correcting pitch. Also, if you tend to sing flat – raise your eyebrows (but not too much!) – it naturally lifts your soft palate and helps bring the note up. Tension causes most pitch problems. Open your mouth wider when you sing and keep your tongue down. No one cares what you look like when you’re singing – just that you sound amazing.
  7. Hydrate - Drink water and then more water. Get fully hydrated before performing. Start in the morning. Don’t just guzzle a ton of water before you hit the stage (you’ll be sorry!).  
  8. Stage fright – we all get it at all levels. You are there to communicate – so focus on that and not what the audience is thinking of you. Communicate with your audience as if you were just having a casual conversation. What are you trying to tell them? Just tell your story. They are rooting for you. Stop thinking about technique at this point and just sing. Behavioral psychology – before performing, clench your fists and talk to your body and mind with a mantra that you connect with. Mine is: “I am solid. I am strong. I got this. “
  9. Find a vocal coach – Celine Dion has a vocal coach and so should we all. Try learning songs NOT in the genre you usually perform. Learning Italian arias, Blues or Jazz standards will help your singing technique immensely.

10. Be Present – seriously. Get out of your head. Rehearse like crazy. Practice good technique. Take lessons.   But when you get in front of an audience to perform, be there. Stop thinking. Just sing and enjoy it. You’ll be great.

First Concert Window!!!! Listen Live Online

I'm playing my first Concert Window show this weekend!!!!

As some of you know, I had TWO shows cancelled this month due to Nor'easter storms up here. Bummer! (But seriously a blow to my budget too!)

So, I thought - why not?? It's a little terrifying, but I'm gonna give a go anyway! Perhaps I can make up for missing at least one of these shows and maybe bring a little music to folks on a Sunday evening without having to leave your house!

Click HERE to watch live on Sunday, March 18th at 4pm EDT! You can go to the link in advance and sign up to "Follow" my channel. That way, you get reminders and you can buy a ticket to join the event ahead of time! And you can "pay what you want" to get into the show. :) Send me your requests and chat with others in the "room" during the show.

As always, if you'd like to purchase a CD, go to my "Home" page here on my website and click the PayPal "donate" button at the bottom and let me know which CD you'd like (or both). I'll sign them and get them into the mail for you toot suite!

Hope to "see" you!

xo, Louise

New stuff

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long time between news blasts. I swear I'm going to be better about keeping this site up to date from now on!

As many of you know, I've moved to New England and I love it. It's been a real adventure dealing with new digs, new neighbors and new gigs! Everyone here in the beautiful hills of Western Massachusetts has been very kinds and welcoming. So grateful. They cock their heads to the side when they hear my southern accent, but it's all good.

This Spring I've been involved in an interesting new project called Humanity's Child - it's a musical written by local professor in philosophy and music - John Tierney. His passion is infectious! I play a "cousin" in the musical and so far, we've done some recording so that he can apply for grants to get it produced. I am definitely the oldest member in this cast and these kids are seriously talented! Singing in a "musical Broadway style" was a new thing for me and extremely challenging! We recorded these vocals the day after the shooting in south Florida. These songs seemed strangely (and awesomely) timely. If you're curious, here's the demo we made of one of songs called Speaking Up. I have no idea where this project is going, but it's been really fun to be a part of it so far. :)

Lay It Down #6 on Folk DJ Charts for October! WFUV's Top 10 Album (John Platt)

Hey y'all - just a quick word to say "yay!" and let you know that "Lay It Down" was the #6 album and song for the month of October 2014 on the Folk DJ Charts! Considering it was a purely DIY effort, I am thrilled! 

ALSO! John Platt of WFUV in NYC just listed "Lay It Down" as one of his TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2014! Again, thrilled!

I have been touring this Fall like crazy with Cliff Eberhardt and solo. I'm tired but happy! If you love the CD, please go to and leave a review there as well as iTunes! I would very much appreciate it! It keeps selling out (great problem), but please email me if you'd prefer a signed copy (Christmas??) and I will hook you up. 

Lay It Down

The new CD is here! Yay!

First review! (Thanks Arthur!)

Radio...and release...Oct. 1st!

Hey everyone!

So excited to tell you that the new CD, Lay It Down, will be up for sale worldwide on October 1st on, (download) and soon....iTunes. 

And of course, the CDs are available (and I can sign them!) at all my shows. So, check the calendar and hopefully, I'll see you soon! 

The new CD is here and I'm working on getting it to YOU


So close!

We're so close on the new CD campaign and I'm happy to say that this is the last email I'll send out about it. :) We have 42 hours to go and we're $970 from the goal of $10K. I'm excited and so grateful for everyone's support and enthusiasm about the project! 


Here's the link to the campaign if you'd like to donate or share on Facebook, Twitter, et al.... 

I hope to have the CD ready in time for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in early August and then I'll come home and start getting all the perks (handmade tiles, coffee mugs and handwritten lyrics) together to send out to everyone with their own signed copies of the new album. So, if you're coming to Falcon Ridge in Hillsdale, NY, you can get your copy a little early. 

Many thanks and hope you're having a great summer !

xo, Louise

The New CD is called "Lay It Down"!

Hey y'all,

The new CD is SO close now! I've finished the audio part of it with so much help from producer/arranger Cliff Eberhardt and engineer Chris Latham - those two guys were absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I'm so happy with how it turned out! 

The next step: I'm launching a fundraising campaign on this week to finish all the artwork and pay for the duplication/production. The money will also go towards funding a promotional campaign that will involve videos, radio and press. If you feel called to help, I would be eternally grateful! If you can just spread the word via Facebook or Twitter, I would also be eternally grateful! 

10 songs to inspire you, make you think, make you feel and move your soul!

I'll post more details and the link back here soon.......xo, Louise

The songs on the new CD are:

  1. I’ll Take You In
  2. Singing My Heart Out
  3. Lay It Down
  4. Leave Your Gun
  5. Wish
  6. Baker Hotel 1929
  7. Daffodils
  8. When Cotton Was King
  9. Holding My Breath
  10. The Land of the Living

New CD

Working on a new CD this summer! 

Very excited to be recording some new songs with fantastic songwriter/producer Cliff Eberhardt~ More news to come! Thanks to all of you for all the beautiful support I've received since the release of "Home" three years ago. 


I can't say that 2012 has been uneventful so far....I've had lots of great shows! ...beginning with a wonderful tour of South FL that culminated in the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach in January, killer shows in NC and AL in February and March - the Americana Music Series in Morganton, The Rooster's Wife in Aberdeen, Music on the Mountain in Birmingham, Sundilla Concert Series in Auburn and Mountain Spirit Coffee in Asheville with Danielle Miraglia. Then came the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival "Most Wanted" Preview tour with ilyAIMY, Pesky J Nixon and Blair Bodine - we played fun shows in D.C. (Institute for Musical Traditions), Philly (World Cafe Live), NY (Huntington Folk Festival) and June and July. What a blast and a privilege to share the stage with them!

However, more personally, 2012 has been not so great.

My mother was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer in January and she was brave until the end on July 25th. I had the distinct blessing of living near by and being able to spend a lot of time with her in the last few months and we left nothing unsaid. I know I'm very lucky in that regard. Because she died 2 days before the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, I did not attend the festival this year and went home to be with my family. My gratitude goes out to Anne Saunders of Falcon Ridge and the other "most wanted" bands who very kindly filled in for me and even sang a song in my mom's honor. I was so touched by that!

Additionally (!), my marriage of 15 years ended this Spring. Again, I know I am so lucky that Mark and I are still good friends and want only the best for each other, however, change of this kind is never "easy" and I have at times wanted to curl up in a hole with a bottle of tequila and go to sleep...just kidding....well, not really.... BUT I do know that I have some incredible friends around me who would do anything for me (and have) and I sure as hell hope I get some decent songs out of this....

I'm not sure why I'm putting all of this on my website except that my fans know that I try to be honest and open about my life and my feelings in my songs. I'm not afraid to talk about the hard stuff and this year has just been hard for me. So there it is. I'm still ridiculously optimistic about everything and still feel like one of the luckiest people in the world most of the time! So, if you see me out, please let's have a beer and then tell me the funniest joke you know. Seriously.

Onward with gratitude....

Summer 2011


OK folks! For all of you who are trying right now to vote for me to sing the National Anthem for the Predators, the voting is over now. Sorry - I missed that information in all the excitement and mayhem of voting and calling out the troops. I will let you know the decision of the refs as soon as I know! Many thanks to all who voted !!!!

Wow, what a summer it's been! In June, I went from the blazing heat of Kerrville, Texas one week to the 40 degree chill of 9000 feet in Telluride, Colorado the next. Won 2nd place in the Telluride Troubadour contest - that was pretty cool! Went to upstate New York thinking I would escape the heat of Tennessee only to find a 100 degree heat wave in Hillsdale while playing at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival AND we were camping...but it was still really fun! I took some much needed time off in August and have been writing some and booking some and just being at home for awhile. Taking a breath before I take off again! I'm still booking this Fall and if any of you are interested in hosting a house concert (that's me and Anna playing and telling stories for your friends in your living room), please holla at me!

2010 - Gone But Not Forgotten!

Hey everyone,

Whew - what a year that was.

2010 brought me so many wonderful things to be grateful for:

  • "Home" went to #1 as a single song and as an album on the Folk DJ charts. 
  • I got to play on the mainstage at The Kerrville Folk Festival
  • I was one of four winners at the Wildflower! Festival Performing Songwriters Competition
  • Anna and I opened for Joe Ely at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse in Dallas, TX. 
  • I played an official showcase at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference. 
  • I played two shows at Bristol Rhythm and Roots festival
  • We did our first tour up to Michigan and met all kinds of wonderful folks. 
  • I bought a fabulous new Taylor guitar at Elderly Instruments. 
  • My side project southern rock band, Hirum Hickum, recorded a 4 song demo and played our first gig.

Overall, I got to play about 60 shows to thousands of people and keep doing what I love. I am so grateful to all the new fans along the way. I am so grateful to Anna Denison for her talent and willingness to hit the road with me. I am so grateful to my friends (esp. Shyrl!) and family who love and support me in this crazy ride. I'm extra grateful for my husband, Mark, for always having my back and for loving me even when I'm not so lovable. 


Hugs to all and here's to an even more amazing 2011!!!


cheers and to-do lists~


Me and Texas - we're like this

Back to Texas on Friday! Yahoo - this time I'll be playing at the Wildflower! Festival in Richardson "competing" in their performing songwriter contest. THEN, I'm back at the Kerrville Folk Festival in June to play in the round with my pals, Ernest Troost, KC Clifford and Joe Jencks! Suhweet! THEN, I'm on the Mainstage the next night!!!! Accompanying me on the dobro will be "The East Side Flash" from Austin - yes, that's his name. Can't wait! I'm already thinking about those breakfast tacos, apocalyptic rainstorms and Lone Star beer. See ya there I hope! cheers and longhorns, Louise

Radio baby!

Hey y'all, It's been an excellent start to the new year. I hired Kari Estrin - radio promoter/consultant and all-round knowledgeable bad-ass music guru to promote my new CD, Home. Well, the results were spectacular and the song "Home" and CD "Home" both went to the #1 spot in January on the Folk DJ charts (! Wow. In February, even with the influx of tons of new CDs out there, I stayed in the top 10 at #6 happily sittin' between Patty Griffin and Ellis Paul. Yeah, that's ok with me! There are 4 songs from the CD still in the top 25 as well! I am VERY grateful and appreciative of all the Folk DJs who supported the album by playing it! Cheers to all of you and of course, to Kari Estrin as well who worked very hard to get this no-name "Louise who??" to the top radio spot in the folk world! If you're a DJ out there who would like a promo copy of the CD to play on-air, please email me and let me know who you are and your station. In February I also attended the International Folk Alliance conference for the first time in Memphis. I had a blast! I think the earliest I went to bed was 2am one night. I shared a room with Carrie Catherine and Allison Lickley - both from Canada - so I helped to wake them up in the mornings by singing the Star Spangled Banner at 7am each day. I know they appreciated my patriotism though I'm still trying to get the sharpy pen ink out of my eyebrows. No, I'm not angry! It's the pen! I really enjoyed all the panels and discussions and of course the amazing shows all over the hotel. Kari Estrin took me around the radio DJ luncheon and introduced me to tons of DJs and that was one of the highlights for sure. I got to hook it up and let it drag with my pal Kim Richardson - we played in the Memphis House Concerts room one night and sang on each other's songs. So much fun. Enjoyed showcases by talented pals David Llewellyn, Jeff Talmadge, Geoffrey Himes, Bill and Kate Isles, Jack Williams, Lynne Hanson, Hans York, Larry Murante, RJ Cowdery, Shannon Wurtz and tons of others. Can't wait to go back next year! Folk Alliance is an amazing community of really kind and generous folks. Onward and upward!

Texas Rocks

Hey y'all, Just got back yesterday from a fantastic tour in Texas. I got to play several sweet house concerts with some of my Kerrville peeps (Tom Neilson, Rebecca Loebe and Ernst Troost). I had a little "writer retreat" at Roddy Tree Ranch for a couple of days in between shows and a great concert inside the pavilion there. Love that place! So peaceful and quiet - surrounded by nature. Thank you Keith! Sycamore Creek House Concerts - thanks to Thomas and Gail Chapmond, it may go down in my personal history as one of the best gigs ever. Such a kind and generous audience, I couldn't ask for a better crowd. Thomas and Gail cook a mean Sunday breakfast too - many hugs to them. Paul Barker at Barker House Concerts hosts one of the best in Austin - such a great guy and his shows are always a joy to play plus his regular crowd brings some fine vittles too! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I headed over to Fischer, TX for the Rice Festival. The Kerrville round kicked off the festivities on Friday night and it just went up from there. The festival only sells 300-400 tickets and they're usually gone by March - for good reason. It's a unusual gorgeous barn set in the hill country and with performers like Kevin Welch, Jack Williams, the Austin Lounge Lizards and Tom Russell, you're bound to leave with a bag full of new CDs and belly full of tacos and good music. Many thanks to the sweet guys who stage this event - Jeff Gavin, West Warren and Dixie Watkins of Cabin 10 productions - who hold this annual festival in honor of their late best friend, Rice Harrington. Do yourself a favor and go (if you can get a ticket). I'm back home now and catching up on my sleep but so thankful for a tremendous trip and looking forward to going back in March for SXSW! bear hugs all round, Louise

New CD "Home" to release worldwide in 2010!

The new CD "Home" by Louise Mosrie will be available at shows only until the worldwide release in 2010. The CD features some of Nashville's finest musicians: Scott Neubert (Irene Kelley, Hal Ketchum) on guitar, dobro; Byron House (Sam Bush, Kathy Mattea) on bass, Steve C. (Jeffrey Steele) on guitar and bluegrass hit Donna Ulisse on background vocals. It also features the two songs that won at the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition last May. Plans to release to radio after the new year are all underway....stay tuned and come out to the shows if you want a preliminary copy!

A busy summer!

Hey y'all, Wow - I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by. It's been hectic but incredible. In late May, I went to the Kerrville Folk Festival where I spent 10 days camping in beautiful Texas hill country with hundreds of other songwriters and music lovers. I played on the great Threadgill Theatre stage with 30 other New Folk Songwriting Competition finalists and by cracky, I won one of the top 6 spots in the competition! Stunned and walking on air! Better still though was making friends with all those other great songwriters. It was an amazing trip and experience that I am still savoring. Here's the really cool part - I'm going back to Kerrville in September! Over Labor Day weekend, they have the Kerrvile Wine and Music festival and I'll be playing "in the round" with several other Kerr-verts back on the Threadgill Stage. Can't wait! Also still on the horizon - the ever elusive new titled "Home". We are just finishing one last track before we start the final mixing and mastering process so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - and I don't think it's the train thank god. I hope to have it in your hands by this Fall so stay tuned.... If you're in Knoxville next week - stop by on Monday the 27th at the studios of WDVX downtown for a live in studio performance of a few of the new tunes from the album. I'll be joined by dobro/guitar guru, Scott Neubert and it starts at 12 noon. Can't be there? Listen online at I want to give a special little "shout out" (as only a very unhip white chick can) to my peeps at KRUU-FM in Fairfield, IA - specifically Lauryn Shapter - for playing some of the new tunes on their two excellent radio programs - Crooked Sisters Radio and Gravel Road Radio. Great Americana and Folk playlists - check 'em out online: Thanks for all the love and email me or find me on Twitter! Cheers, Louise

Kerrville! Here I come!

Hey you'uns good folk, I am so excited to be playing the Kerrville Folk Festival on the New Folk stage!!!! Check it out! Out of 800 entries, there are 32 finalists selected to play for New Folk. Started in 1972 by Peter Yarrow, the New Folk stage has been graced by songwriters like Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and Gillian Welch early in their careers. I feel so honored to be selected!

Anna Denison coming to studio tomorrow to sing BGVs

Hey y'all, So the CD is still cookin' right along and tomorrow, my pal Anna Denison is coming to town from Knoxville to sing some BGVs (that's the super cool acronym for background vocals) on tracks "Fly", "Backroads" and "When We Meet Again". Getting the right BGVs is tough but fun. Hell, it's all fun really. More news later!

Still working on that CD!

Hey guys, Jon Young and I are still working hard on the new CD. I've recorded 14 songs - don't know if they'll all make it on, but I like how it sounds so far. This month we're going to try to get all the background vocals finished so we can mix in April. I've got some new photos that Mark shot in the Fall and I'm beginning to look for a graphic designer to help me put the packaging together. Whew! Life is busy and good. Hope your life is too. Much love, Louise

New CD in the works!!!

Well, I'm excited to say that I'm knee deep into tracking for my new CD! I'm recording at Sonic Sculpture Studios just outside Nashville. At the helm with engineering and co-producing is Jon Young. So far I'm recording 14 new songs - several of them co-written and several just written by me. I don't know if they will all make the final cut, but so far, I think they all sound great! I am spoiled for choice in Nashville with so many incredibly gifted musicians. I am honored to have Byron House, Scott Neubert, Butch Simmons, Kent Burnside, Rolin Mains, Tom Ball and several others adding their own magic to each song. Can't wait for you all to hear it, but I can't give a specific street date just yet. Once we finish mixing, I'll have a better idea of when it will be "out". The working title is "Backroads" - the song that Mike Richardson and I wrote about missing the country and the simplicity of life "back-when". So many of the songs reflect the memories I have of growing up in McEwen, TN on the farm. Even the photos that will be on the CD were taken back there. The music is a bit more country/bluegrass than my last two CDs, but it feels like a full circle for me personally. It seems like I spent my youth waiting to escape the country and the loneliness of it and start my life in the city where it seemed so much more exciting. But I've come to appreciate where I came from and enjoy the simple pleasures of a more rural life. Right now, we live in the suburbs, but I have a feeling I'll be working my way back to having a little land and maybe a horse or two someday. So, long story short (too late!), I feel very close to this CD in a lot of ways and I sincerely hope you all enjoy hearing it as much as I'm enjoying making it. cheers and love, Louise

Writin' and playin'

Hey everyone, I've been working a day job lately, bought a house this Spring and writing with an award winning producer for a documentary. Life is good. New songs are on the way. Thanks for back soon...and visit my Myspace my friend. God knows I need 'em.


Hey you'uns or y'all or all y'all, Happy new year! I haven't been playing much lately because we are moving out of our 800 sq ft apartment into a house! Cool. I've also been working on a few demos of songs...with Martin Young (former guitarist for Clint Black). We finished a demo of "Backroads" written by myself and Mike Richardson. Anna Denison is singing some lovely background vocals. I had the opportunity to have some A-list Nashville players on this and frankly I think it turned out pretty good. I'm going to post it here so go listen and let me know what you think! I was imagining McEwen, TN as we were writing and Ridge Road that leads to my childhood home on the farm where my parents still live. If I miss anything about the country, it's the simplicity of life there. Anyway, I hope you like the song. My favorite wine of the moment is Domaine Grand Veneur Cotes du Rhone Villages it out. It will warm your bones on a chilly January evening. Cheers and chocolate, Louise

New beginnings...

Hey guys, I'm starting to record again...have a few tracks down on a couple of new songs...I'll post 'em here when I get 'em. Fav wine of the moment...Los Vascos 2004 Cabernet from Chile...$10 awesome value...check it out.


Hey guys, Just thought I'd pass along that my song "Complicated" from Separated Like Stars is the "Song of the Day" and "Best Feel Good Track" in Americana on! "Rockslide" is the song of the day on Saturday! This week I was also voted "Best Female Vocalist" in both Americana and Country...who knew? These reviews are done by other musicians who put their music on the site as well so i'm being judged by my peers...which is very cool. Go to to check it out! Cheers! Louise

Fun show at the Bird!

Last Friday night, I hosted a round at the Bluebird here in Nashville. What a blast we had! My friend Kristen Hart drove up from Orlando...she plays a delicious blend of jazz and folk. Karen Reynolds drove over from Knoxville...pop/country from the heart. And grassy girl, Donna Ulisse, joined us to make the round...great songwriter and one of my co-writers. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at our sold-out show! cheers, Louise

My day job...

I, like many musicians, have a "day job" but unlike many musicians, I get to drink wine on the job. This is a good thing. I work part time at Midtown Wine and Spirits on Church St. here in Nashville. I get to taste all kinds of great wines and a few bad ones as part of my "education". My wine of the week? Hess Collection Mountain Cuvee 2002. It's a merlot, cabernet blend that is smooth, plummy with a soft chocolate finish. It's what I like to call yummy. Yes, that's the technical term. Come and see me at the store (always on Mondays) and I'll set you up with a good bottle. cheers, Louise

New website!

If you're reading this, then I have completed publishing my new website I decided to revamp it because I want to keep it updated better this year and now I can. Please feel free to let me know what you think about it and any (sweet) suggestions would be welcome. Tasted any great bargain wines lately? Let me know that too. Any great recipes you've tried? I want to know! So stay in touch and check back often!!! cheers, Louise

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