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Louise Mosrie
(c) Louise Mosrie/Zoe Cat Music BMI


October in New England

By Louise Mosrie


Capo 2

Cadd9 C9 F E7 Am Gm G F Fm C


C Am7 BAug DAug C E7 Am Gm F Dm6 G/G7

One day every autumn

A certain breeze blows by

A cold kiss of winter

In a clear blue sky

A whisper, a warning, a shot across the bow

The turning of the world going round…..



October in New England

Leaves turning on a dime

Every view like a painting

Every breeze a baby’s sigh

You will never be mine


Summer’s giving up her lovers

One petal at a time

Maybe love is overrated

Says my second glass of wine

You will never be mine


Dm G Dm Bb G G7


            Saw an ad in the paper

            Gave me the blues

            Wedding dress for sale

            Never used           


Sunday crossword sits unfinished

Winter’s close behind

Honey, we were never overrated

Says my third glass of wine.

You will never be…

Never be mine (E7, Am)

You will never be….

Louise Mosrie
(c) Louise Mosrie/Zoe Cat Music BMI


I read a version of this story in the newspaper last year and it just got me. I knew a song was in there. Very happy with how this turned out and I got folk legend Tom Paxton's stamp of approval at Swannanoa Gathering too! chuffed. :)


The Last Train (Lorelei)

By Louise Mosrie/Zoe Cat Music (BMI)


Ticket in hand

All I own in my bag

Mother’s tears burning my eyes.


Father won’t salute

The men in brown suits

He’s sending me to Amsterdam tonight.


Goodbye Lorelei

Your song won’t haunt me anymore

My (Your) heartache leaves me cold

Goodbye Lorelei

Suitcase waiting by the door

And winter welling in my soul

On the last train before the war.



Climb the hill one last time

All the riverboats safely tied

Near rock Lorelei


Where as the legend goes

A mermaid sings alone

Calling young men to drown in her eyes.





Sirens call to men at sea

To wreck themselves against the shoals.

Drunk on lies till it’s much too late

To save their souls.


It’s 80 years since then.

Never saw my family again, but

I made a good life in St. Paul


My daughter Lorelei

She keeps vigil by my side

There, I hear the whistle now - like an old friend come to call…




Goodbye Lorelei

Your song will haunt me ever more

But this world leaves me cold

Goodbye Lorelei

Suitcase waiting by the door

And winter close against my soul

On the last train before the war

On the last train

On the last train….