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CD: Lay It Down

Baker Hotel 1929

Louise Mosrie
Louise Mosrie (BMI) (c) 2014 Zoe Cat Music



Baker Hotel 1929

© 2014 Louise Mosrie


Capo 5


   G            C            G

Baker Hotel 1929

   Em                   Am                           D

Rich folks came from miles around

   G                        C                        G

To heal their ills with the crazy waters

   Em                              Am                        D

That came right out the ground.


Mineral Wells northern Texas

Was booming when the country was bust and

Young Virginia’s there in her finest , and

                        Em                        Am                        D  

Dreams of dancing in the courtyard at dusk.


                        Em                             C

And the moon on her shoulders

   G                        D

Soft silvery white

            Em                                    C

She’d swoon in the arms of a soldier

            G                                    D

And the band would play all night.

            C9                        Em                        Asus              Am

And love would check in with a sweet heavy sigh

              C            Em            D   G

At the Baker Hotel 1929.


She came from a small sugar farm

Down along the Brazos River.

But she had plans for a grander life

That the Baker could surely deliver.


She took a job cleaning rooms

For Dietrich, Will Rogers and Harlow.

Fell hard for a tall navy captain

Said he’d take her away tomorrow





And the moon on her shoulders

Soft silvery white

She swooned in the arms of her soldier

And the band played all night.

And love checked in with a sweet heavy sigh

At the Baker Hotel 1929.


She woke in the morning alone.

No letter, no reason, no dream.

She walked up to the 7th floor window

And stepped right out as though on the street.


They say you can still hear the music

And smell her rosewater perfume

Though the Baker’s been closed 50 years now, she’s still

Searching for love in those rooms.


And the moon on her shoulders

Cold silvery white

Marooned in a dream of a soldier

As the band plays all night.

Virginia lives here suspended in time

At the Baker Hotel 1929.

The Baker Hotel 1929.