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There will be songs.

Here....I'm saying it out loud....well, on my website....I'm in the process of recording new songs for a new CD. It's been 3 years since "Home" came out and I started down this strange and fantastic path.  A lot of crazy stuff has happened in my life, many shows have been played and I've met some incredible people along the way. So, there are new songs to sing and new songs to put down on "tape". I hope you like them.  

They will be songs of love, heartbreak, hope, grief and longing. The working title right now is, "In the Land of the Living"...which is the name of the song I wrote while my mother was ill last year and I was moving out of my 15 year marriage. I plan to record them as simply and straightforwardly as possible with as little production as necessary to give these songs a frame to rest and shine in. 

My life has become simpler, starker...less is truly more for me these days...I'm shedding possessions and beliefs and my songwriting is becoming more minimalistic too. Just the bones please. Just the barest emotion is all I want right now. 

I've been told to make the record "Americana" or "commercial" sounding, but I'm going to (prolly stupidly) ignore all that and just make a record of acoustic songs. Songs that made me cry as I was writing them. Songs that mean a lot to me at this time of my life. I hope they speak to you too. It's all about connection, right? Connection with spirit/God and with each other through compassionate understanding. Music gives us permission and a conduit to feel deeply. Hallelujah.

Happily, I've found a kindred spirit to work with...Cliff Eberhardt is helping me arrange and record these songs and he is nothing short of brilliant. He has a long history in the music world...immersing himself in the craft of songwriting since he was 7 years old, creating his own style of acoustic guitar playing that leaves people saying "wow!" while he weaves his emotionally powerful lyrics around your heart. He's most well-known from the New York Village folk scene of the late 1980's when he played alongside Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin and toured with the late great Richie Havens. He's a teacher, philosopher and fellow seeker and I feel exceedingly lucky to be working with him. 

Comments Section

Sounds perfect to me! Can't wait for new music from you. Have Cliff tell you some Bill Morrissey stories. :-)
Loved hearing you live at Passim last year, am thrilled by your heartfelt acoustic approach on the new CD, and believe you could find no better kindred spirit to work with than Cliff. Can't wait to hear "In The Land of The Living."
Nice. You are on the right track.
Behind you one hundred percent and really looking forward to this
You sound like you've put down a lot of miles behind you. This I can understand only too well. Always look just a hair above the horizon.