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Nashville Flood 2010 - I Love This World

Hey guys, Wow - what a week it's been. A week ago, my beloved city of Nashville was half under water from 18 inches of rain in two days and reeling from the death and destruction - and the threat of both water treatment plants shutting down. 32 people have died and some are still missing. I saw whole neighborhoods completely inundated by the rushing flood waters. There was no warning. Some older folks were found drowned in their living rooms or in their cars. Families were literally ripped apart by the currents. The Grand Ole Opry stage was engulfed by the Cumberland River. Thousands of musical instruments - some irreplaceable vintage pieces - lost forever. One of my favorite places to play - dark and divey Norm's River Roadhouse - had about 15 feet of water in it. All the music equipment was ruined and our friend Norm is salvaging whatever he can and starting over. We had relatively no damage at our house. We were some of the lucky ones. In a world SEEMINGLY full of cynicism - amazingly - good people jumped up immediately and began to help out wherever they could - strangers in boats and jet skis going house to house to find survivors and even rescue trapped family pets. Trucks full of food and hot coffee going through neighborhoods handing out a little comfort wherever it was needed. And it was needed. $1.7 million raised in a few short hours on local TV for flood victims. Literally tons of donated clothing, food and household goods going out to people in need. It's been nothing short of thrilling to me to see this city spring into action in the spirit of community love! Yep, I am SO proud to say "I'm from Nashville". People can say what they want to about this music is commercial crap, y'all are a bunch of rednecks... blah blah blah.... true sometimes? Maybe. But I'm here to say this city ROCKS ! I'd like to think that all communities handle crisis this way. Maybe it's not just "Nashville". But here and now after the week we've had - I've never seen so many "heroes" all at once and I am deeply encouraged. "When the bad times come down, good people stand up. Good God, I love this world!" "After all I still believe in the human race. Good God, I love this world!" peace. L.

Comments Section

Well Pat - I know you're not stalking me! LOL. Good news is that Obama and FEMA have done a GREAT job down here in Nashville. FEMA was on the scene almost immediately with several offices open and from what I've heard, they've been extremely helpful.
Good God, I love that song. Just listened to it on NPR driving in my car. How can I get a copy (MP3)?
First of all, Louise, I am not stalking you!!! I an just learning about you because we like your music so much and have turned our friends onto it as well. I think it is great that you were there to help the people of Nashville out. Gee, where was Obama and national guard and the red cross, and all the trailers to help all the people during the aftermath? I think that sucks. Well, I hope your family and friends are well. God Bless