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Anne Lamott and assigning meaning to coincidence...

So....I'm flipping around on the TV and come across an interview with Anne Lamott on PBS. I don't know much about her except that she's a famous writer and has dreadlocks. She mentions something about her "conversion", so I google that and it was a fascinating story - she converted to Christianity a week after she had an abortion and saw Jesus sitting in her room one night.

Ok, that's cool.

After the interview ends, I click over to a window on my laptop on the site and randomly select an article to read because I'm procrastinating about doing my work. I start reading this great spiritual piece on "becoming yourself" which reminded me of a conversation I had earlier with a friend about Step 4 in the AA process and taking stock of your life. So, I get to the end of the article which really struck me and I look up at the top to see who the contributing writer know it's's Anne Lamott.

And that wasn't even the first coincidence I had been made aware of today. I was talking with a different friend earlier this afternoon and I was laughing about having committed the "cardinal sin" of relationship - trying to change someone - he stopped me abruptly and said, "When you said "cardinal sin", a bright red cardinal landed on the branch in front of me."

Ok, that's cool. 

So, I'm coincidental events happen because life or God is trying to deliver a message or ask us to see something - bring our attention to something ? or do we assign meaning to these things as a way of moving ourselves forward toward something we want or some situation we want that we haven't admitted to ourselves? Do we look for signs as the big permission slip from God or the Universe?

Well hell, I don't know. I do know that I've been on my own spiritual quest of late and I will be checking into reading Anne Lamott...just in case.

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Another good book on the synchronicity of life is "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire" by Deepak Chopra.